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According to a lawsuit recently filed in West Virginia, Toyota’s 2-million-vehicle recall last month neglected to include all of the vehicles that pose a threat to consumers.

The recall applied to eight models that Toyota has found to have “gas pedal issues” that have the potential to cause uncontrollable acceleration (and have, in some cases, led to deadly crashes). The lawsuit claims that a full 13 other Toyota models also have a risk of uncontrollable acceleration, since each is equipped with an electronic throttle-control system.

In addition, the suit says, Toyota has been concealing information from regulatory agencies and the public by ignoring gapingly large classes of customer complaints—limiting their agency reports, for example, to adverse acceleration incidents lasting less than one second. (This means that incidents lasting more than one second—extremely important incidents like those that caused the fatal crashes in CA and MI—were excluded from the reports.)

Toyota has recalled the 2009-10 RAV4 Crossover, the 2009-10 Corolla, the 2009-10 Matrix hatchback, the 2005-10 Avalon, the 2007-10 Camry, the 2010 Highlander crossover, the 2007-10 Tundra pickup and the 2008-10 Sequoia SUV.

In addition to those, the lawsuit alleges, several other models and years are at risk: 2007-08 FJ Cruisers, 2003-08 Tacoma pickups, 2002-09 Camrys, 2000-09 Tundra pickups, 2001-09 4Runner SUVs, 2001-09 Land Cruisers, 2005-09 RAV4s, 2001-09 Sequoias, 2004-09 Siennas, 2005-09 Corollas, and 2004-09 Highlanders. "Lexus models" from 1998 to 2009 also are listed. –The Charleston Gazette

Things are looking bad for Toyota. If only it would respond to this suit quickly and with an abundance of helpful, transparent information.


  1. Gravatar for Grant

    In August 2008, my mother crashed her Toyota into a tree, because the accelerator dropped to the floor ,and the car accelerated to its highest speed. This accident occurred before stories of faulty Toyotas started appearing in the media. We have many pictures of both the damaged vehicle and the accelerator resting on the floor of the vehicle. (After the accident, the accelerator was still pressed against the floor)

    She was driving a 2004 Toyota Echo, which has not yet been added to the list of recalled Toyota models.

  2. Gravatar for Cathy Pino

    I Have a 2007 Toyota Camry Solara. I have noticed that when I drvie my car the pedal sticks in idle,

    when I looked in the manual it reports a problem with abnormality of the electronic throttle control system. My car is not on the recall list. When I contacted the dealer they told me I would be responsible for the repair if not on the list. I have seen several cars involved in auto accidents, that were not on the list. Don't you think Toyota should be responisible for all inquiries of the product they sell to there consumers, if they ever redeem themselves,to stand behind all Toyota's and look into all problems with all Cars.

  3. Gravatar for elise

    I purchased a 2004 RAV4 and experienced acceleration problems. There was a delay from pushing the pedal (oftentimes 2 to 3 seconds) until the car accelerated, then it would lurch forward. I was told by the dealer that there was no recall or adjustment on the electronic controls, and that my only option was to pursue a remedy through lemon law. If Toyota hadn't ignored these early signs, they might not be in the mess they're in today!

  4. Gravatar for Matthew Freeman

    I had a near miss in a 1994 Camry on interstate at 70 miles per hour; cruise control would not release and engine sped up.

    I was able to turn off engine and coast to side of road.

    Solution was a faulty brake light switch on the brake pedal.

    ?How many model years should Toyota/Gov. look at?

  5. Gravatar for Deanna Reynolds

    I drive a 2004 Toyota 4 Runner. I had an accident on January 2 of this year. I experienced a sudden unexpected surge of my vehicle while pulling into a parking space in a parking lot. It happened so suddenly and with such force that I knocked a P T Cruiser completely out of its parking space (directly ahead of me). Thank goodness I was in a parking lot and no one was injured (minor injuries to me). NOTHING was going to stop my SUV. I was applying both feet on the brake and there was no sign of slowing let alone stopping. The force was unbelievable. There is no question in my mind that this was a problem with my vehicle and not driver error. Just prior to the surge I could hear this roaring of the engine and then I shot forward and could not stop the 4 Runner. Something needs to be done to alert the public to these additional models that are in question with Toyota. I have gone on record with Toyota regarding this incident. They checked out my vehicle and say that it has no problem! I beg to differ with them! What is most interesting is that the body shop that handled my repairs experienced a similar thing while test driving my SUV. They would not release my vehicle to me as they felt it was unsafe to drive. After Toyota checked out my 4 Runner I have taken it back. However, every time I have to drive it I say a prayer before leaving my garage. This should be my second place of security, with my home being the first. As of this writing I am living on the edge!

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