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Most of us know that lawyers can sue doctors, nurses, engineers, architects and other professionals for damages and deaths they’ve caused though what legal jargon calls deviating from the standard of care—the professional equivalent of running a red light.

What you may not know is that legal malpractice exists too. Just like any other professional, lawyers can make mistakes—sometimes major ones. Accordingly, lawyers carry malpractice insurance just like doctors, and some of them pay as much for it as doctors do. Every consumer should be aware that if your lawyer has made a mistake (for example, not filing a lawsuit on time), you have the option of consulting with another attorney to investigate whether your lawyer has committed malpractice.

Obviously, this concept is not popular with lawyers. But to be fair, lawyers who mess up should be held personally responsible for the wrongs they commit, just like doctors.

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  1. Gravatar for Deb

    How do you go about finding a good attorney for suing another attorney for malpractice?

    This would have to be in the Denver area.

    This would be in regards to 2 offenses.

    1) Not telling me to show up in court for someone had to be there. I ended up with an warrant out for my arrest.

    He goes to court with Motion to Quash Bond and to reinstate bond and admits in his motion that it was miscomunication on his part that neither of a showed. This cleared things in county court, but NOT with the State side; that he didn't follow up with; showing I had no driver's license.

    2). I filed a small claims against him for all the extra reinstatement fees and driver license fees and for emotional distress for knowingly driving around in my mobile business (DOT drug & alcohol testing) w/o a drivers license.

    He sent me a threat letter that he was going to take everything I home, business and anything else he could, if I filed that small claims case.

    One attorney here in Denver, I spoke with said he HAD to turn the letter over to the Colorado State Bar Association because of ethical reasons.

    I do not know if he has the expertise to now sue this attorney for emotional distress, torte, and lost of quality to life and developing GAD General anxeity disorder.

    Please advise, if you can. In advance thank you anyway if you can not help me.

    Deb Hart

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