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On Thursday, Nutro Products, one of the nation’s most popular pet food manufacturers, announced a voluntary recall of almost all its dry cat food products.

Unlike many recent pet food recalls, this one is not due to contamination, but to incorrect levels of zinc and potassium, two essential nutrients for cats that if consumed at improper levels, can cause illness.

The recalled cat food is sold under the brand names Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care and Nutro Max dry cat foods with "Best If Used By” dates between May 12, 2010 and August 22, 2010. No dry dog food or canned dog or cat food has been affected.

Nutro is advising consumers who have purchased these products to immediately stop feeding them to their cats, and switch to another food containing a balanced nutritional profile.

The company has not yet received complaints in connection with the nutrient imbalance, but asks that cat owners consult their vets immediately if their cats exhibit symptoms such as loss of appetite or refusal of food, weight loss, vomiting or diarrhea.

Customers may return any unused portion of recalled Nutro cat food to the store for a full refund or exchange.

Read the full press release here.


  1. Gravatar for Petlover

    Hope you have seen the test results on the Nutro recalled food tested by petowner and bought after the recall..

    Guess Nutro did not do a very good job with getting word out to the press or to pet food stores...

  2. Gravatar for Camryn Hansen

    Petlover, I hadn't seen this. Outrageous that Nutro didn't make sure every retailer & pet owner knew about the recall. Thank you so much for reading & responding!

  3. Gravatar for Louis

    There are almost 900 customer complaints on Consumer Affairs site. Nutro denies that they have any complaints, and FDA is MIA.

    Wall Street has the SEC, and the pet food industry has the FDA.

    Business as usual, IMO

  4. Gravatar for Petlover

    Make sure you read the comments of Dr Hansen of the ASPCA..pretty scary this was on the shelves for 6 months! and read some of the comments of the petowners who have called Nutro..especially Michael on June 17, 2009...disgusting the way pet owners are lied to .

  5. Gravatar for Petlover

    the first link should be this..sorry..

  6. Gravatar for lesliek

    Thank you for trying to keep people informed ! Its a shame the national media is ignoring it & people are still feeding Nutro because they don't know its been recalled. I notified 3 local vets,they hadn't heard. I also notified 2 local pet food stores who hadn't been informed.The only media coverage I've seen is the result of a pet parent blogger contacting them.

  7. Gravatar for Sam

    So I see Nestle recall all over TV news but not one iota about Nutro do ppl know to stop using this bad food if they dont learn about it on TV? Not everyone has a computer and even those that do wouldnt necessarily know about it...things really need to chg with pet food companies and how recalls are handled. There is no accountability and nothing enforcing getting word out to public.

  8. Gravatar for Sam

    Not to mention there are reports of sick cats from this food all over but yet Nutro still gets to post at their site that they have had no reports of affected pets? A vet even called Nutro to get info to help with diagnosing sick cat. Had to call several times & then finally was refused request for copy of labwork that would back-up Nutro assessment that food isnt making cats sick. This company doesnt have to tell anyone how many sick cats there really are, they are out of control and intervention by someone with authority and someone who gives a d--n is desperately needed to protect the public and their cats. Not to mention their site also says they test each lot for nutrients....doesnt seem thats really so, how did 7 different types of dry cat food make it through then?

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