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The company LOK8U makes GPS watches that are supposed to help locate children and at-risk adults in the event that they wander off or get lost. Its nu•m8+ wrist watch is designed specifically to be worn by children, so that any parent who accidentally loses a child can locate him or her using a cell phone or computer. If the watch is removed from the child’s wrist, a message is immediately sent to the parent’s phone and/or email along with the child’s location.

Sounds like a potentially useful product. But we have a client who put a nu•m8+ on her 18-month-old daughter only to later find a serious burn on the child’s wrist where the metal battery cover had come in contact with the skin. The burn was quite deep and painful. We have reported this to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, but would like to know if others have had the same experience with this product. If you or anyone you know have used a LOK8U, either the nu•m8+ locator watch for children or the Freedom locator watch for adults, and have been burned by it, please comment below and let us know. People need to be aware of these dangerous products.


  1. Gravatar for Penny Lane

    Any product that harms a child, if used correctly, should be banned, and the manufacturer held personally responsible for the harms they cause.

  2. Gravatar for Bob

    Penny like say a climbing frame? or a Jungle Gym, you over protective bubble wrap parents should be put down. So sit down and shut the hell up. Some kids are allergic to nickel used in the stainless steel of watch back plates, the kid would have gotten the same reaction from anything not pure gold or left on for more than a few hours, irresponsible parenting if you know your kid is allergic and a lucky wake up call if you did not.

  3. Gravatar for nerraw kir

    I have this product and have used it for two years. My child is older but I can report no problems. It does have charging prongs on the back of the watch and one my daughters they are exposed. No problems. My daughter wears it daily.

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