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NYC Helicopter Accident Yields Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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A wrongful death suit has been filed on behalf of the Italian tourists who were killed over the Hudson River last August, when their helicopter experienced a mid-air collision with an airplane.

The complaint was filed earlier this month in the U.S. District Court in Newark on behalf of Fabio Gallazzi, Giacomo Gallazzi, Tiziana Pedroni, Filippo Norelli and Michele Norelli. The estate of the airplane pilot, Steve Altman, the owner of the plane, LCA Partnership, the helicopter’s owner, Meridian Consulting I Corporation, Inc., and Liberty Helicopters, Inc., which operate the Eurocopter the tourists were in, were all named as defendants.

Altman’s wife, Pamela Altman, filed a wrongful death lawsuit over the crash against Liberty and Meridian as well, alleging that both companies have horrible safety track records, stating that they were known for treating the airways above New York City like a game of “bumper cars.” –aboutlawsuits.com

A total of nine people in the two aircraft died in the crash. Transcripts from air traffic control suggest that the airplane pilot requested a change of course to avoid air traffic, but was ignored because one air traffic controller was taking a personal phone call. Apparently, the controller’s supervisor was out on an unauthorized personal errand at the same time.