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A Million Baby Slings to be Taken off the Market after Infant Deaths

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Almost two weeks ago, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a warning that over-the-shoulder baby slings can be dangerous and even deadly for babies under four months.

Today, Infantino LLC announced that it is taking two of its baby slings, SlingRider and Wendy Bellissimo, completely off the market. (Originally, it only recalled these items.) Customers who have these products should stop using them immediately and get in touch with Infantino for a free replacement product.

The risk of using baby slings is that they can inadvertently cause suffocation, particularly in young infants who still have very weak neck muscles, since they can force the head down onto the chest in a way that keeps babies from being able to breathe or cry out.

"It does not matter how old your baby is at this point with the Infantino sling," said CPSC’s Scott Wolfson. "Do not use it. This sling places the baby in a very deep part of the product," Wolfson said. "What is so dangerous is when the fabric covers nose and mouth or when baby is turned into the body of the mother and the airway is restricted." –ABC News

Mothers who have lost their babies to Infantino slings have begun to file lawsuits against the company. It’s good that these products are coming off the market now, before they have a chance to hurt anyone else, but the losses that occurred to make this happen are devastating.