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2010 is Worst Year in History for Child and Infant Heat Deaths in Cars

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Tragically, KidsAndCars.org has reported that 2010 has already been the worst year in history for children and infants dying after being left in hot vehicles. Only three quarters through the year, 48 children have already been killed.

KidsAndCars.org has led this issue from the very start. We have produced excellent education materials to raise awareness that children should not be left in vehicles and Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that air on TV at least 50 times per day. We have worked closely with the media who have produced excellent TV segments, written superb magazine articles and informative news articles have been published with prevention tips. We have worked in states to get laws passed that make it illegal to leave children alone in vehicles. But all of that simply does not appear to be enough. –kidsandcars.org

There is no good explanation for why this year has been so bad for these kinds of deaths. But new parents in particular need to be better educated about the effects that stress and lack of sleep can have on their ability to think clearly and be mindful of their infant in the car. It’s not usually “bad parenting,” but simple forgetfulness, that results in a child being left in a hot car.

Parents and caregivers, please be aware that no child should ever be left in a car alone for any amount of time, no matter what the reason. As KidsAndCars.org teaches, make it a firmly established habit to “Look Before You Lock,” every single time. You can also visit KidsAndCars.org for more information about child safety in and around vehicles.