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Miami Crane Collapse Kills 2 – Florida Has No Regulations Dealing With Tower Cranes And Crane Operators

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As incredible as it seems, 10 days after seven were killed in a New York City crane collapse, the virtually identical thing happened again in Miami. The startling news this time is that Florida does not regulate or license tower cranes and crane operators. Two workers were killed and five were injured when the crane fell 30 stories. Workplace injuries kill and injury thousands each year. This is what happens when contractors and building owners disregard worker safety. A few good lawsuits can change all of that. The contractors at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City paid $101 million dollars to settle claims of injured and killed workes when a garage there collapsed. Expert testimony revealed short-cuts were used to speed up the completion of the project. I urge anyone who has lost a loved one or has had a loved one injured in ANY construction accident to seek the services of an attorney who handles these cases. There is no excuse for these tragedies. The owners and contractors have to be held personally responsible for the harms and losses they cause. Decent folks demand nothing less.