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General Contractor Settles Worksite Accident Case With Construction Worker

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Ronald Kustrup, an iron worker, fell 15 feet through an unguarded elevator shaft while working at a construction site in Mercer County, New Jersey. According to Mr. Kustrup’s expert, the area should have been secured to prevent workers from accidentally falling in the open shaft. The general contractor and the owner of company where the construction project was being done had a non-delagable duty to protect against such hazardous conditions. If they had done their job, Mr. Kustrup’s injuries would have been prevented.

General contractors and landowners have a responsibility to look for such conditions and prevent them as well as make sure that all subcontractors they hire do their part in making workplaces safe for people like Ron. It is the job of the general contractor to make certain the jobsite complies with OSHA regulations. This site did not. It is hoped that all general contractors will pay more attention to the safey of their workers to avoid worksite injuries.