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Stop The Dog Bite Madness – 4.7M Dog Bites A Year Far Too Many

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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that there are 4.7 million dog bites a year, 800,000 of which require medical attention. That is 2191 bites a day. Every day. Of these, half involve kids. Of the children bitten, two thirds between the ages 5 and 9 are bitten in the head and neck. There are 386,000 bites that require trips to the ER and a dozen die each year.

It’s time to stop this carnage. When someone tells you their dog doesn’t bite, don’t listen to them. All dogs bite. Be warned: If you are a dog owner and your dog injures someone, you will be sued. Make certain your homeowners insurance covers dog bites and make sure your policity limits are sufficiently high to cover these claims. All dog owners must take personal responsibility for the conduct of their dogs to make certain they don’t contribute to these 4.7 million bites per year.