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Pit Bull Bites Woman In Face – Unprovoked Attack Will Lead To Lawsuit

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A Minnesota woman was bitten in the face by a pit bull as she sat in a chair in her backyard. Police Chief Paul Phillipp of the Austin Police Department said the attack was unprovoked. Tanya Phillips, 34, required six stitches to her lower lip and other treatment at Austin Medical Center to a wound near her right eye. Homeowners are encouraged to be certain that injuries caused by dog bites are covered by their homeowner’s insurance policies. Most are included in such policies. Jurors should remember that if they should be called on such a case, that the money awarded for the disfigurement is most always covered by insurance. They should not hestitate to award a fair award if the injury warrants it. They must not be concerned that any money they award will have to be paid by the dog owner, since that is most always not the case.