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Dog Bite Victim? What Should I Do?

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As warm weather approaches there will be more incidents of folks that are victims of dog bites. You must get immediate medical attention and demand proof from the dog’s owner that the dog had the proper rabies shots. Make certain you correctly identify the dog’s owner. Under most circumstances, the home owner’s insurance company will pay all the medical bills, together with additional money for the scarring and emotional trauma, if any. In New Jersey, there is no “one-free-bite” rule, so the dog’s owner is personally responsible for all the harm

caused by his or her dog. Our law firm will be happy to advise you, at no charge, if there is a case worthwhile pursuing. It will be your choice as to how far you wish to pursue things. This is not the dog owner’s decision, and he or she has no right to bully you into not pursuing a legal claim, or notifying the authorities. For more information about rabies, go to website for the Centers for Disease Control.