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Nearly 2 Million Americans Get Bedsores – Proper Nursing Home Care Would Eliminate Them All

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Bed sores (also known as pressure sores or decubitus ulcers) are a serious condition that can lead to infection, septicemia, gangrene and even death. Fortunately , bed sores are entirely preventable. Today, there are medical devices and protocols that ensure proper circulation to compressed tissue. No one should ever have to suffer with them.

Unfortunately , the statistics surrounding the incidence of bed sores are overwhelming . . . and tragic!

• As many as 23% of long term care residents develop bed sores at some time
• 1.8 Million Americans are affected annually by bed sores
• It has been estimated that 8% of all nursing home deaths can be attributed to bed sores

What You Can Do – Medically

If your loved one has bed sores, it is important that you seek appropriate medical help for them immediately. Ask tough questions. Go up the chain of command at the nursing home until you get the Adminstrator’s attention. Tell them to take all necessary steps to immediately try to heal the sores. Keep a diary. Take names and write down who said what to you. Let them know you won’t rest until you or your loved one gets proper medical care.

What You Can Do – Legally

It’s also important that you hold the nursing home or long-term care facility accountable for their abuse. Your loved one may be entitled to compensation – compensation that might allow them to get the kind of care they need and that they deserve.

While no one can assure you that your loved one will receive compensation, cases involving bed sores have often resulted in just awards for the harms done to the victim. It is very important to have the nursing home and facility held personally responsible for the harms they caused. In 2008 there is absolutely no excuse for anyone to ever get a bed sore.