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Brooklyn Nursing Home to Pay $19 Million in Damages for Severe Patient Neglect


In the first New York State award against a nursing home to ever include punitive damages, a Brooklyn jury has ruled that the Brooklyn Queens Nursing Home must pay $19 million in damages to the family of a 76-year-old man who suffered severe neglect.

When John Danzy’s daughter went into the nursing home, he weighed 237 pounds. When his family took him out nine months later, he weighed 148 pounds and had developed more than 20 bedsores. Though his family moved him to another nursing home after discovering his condition, Danzy died six months later from a bedsore-related infection.

The panel awarded $3.75 million for Danzy’s pain and suffering, but tacked on $15 million in punitive damages, based in part on the allegation that the home had doctored records to try to cover up the neglect.

An FBI expert testified that about 100 different skin-check notes showing "G" for "good" had been penned over to show "B" for "broken" — an effort by the home to claim it hadn’t missed the horrific sores, Kelly said.

"Someone went back and wrote B’s over the G’s to cover their tracks, so they falsified the records, he said. "We believe that once they found out they were being sued, they went back and said, ‘How could we have G’s here when they guy has 20 sores?’ " -foxnews.com

It’s bad enough that this facility took such poor care of its patients, but falsifying its records to avoid taking responsibility for it is beyond reprehensible.

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  1. penny Lane says:
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    in 2010 there is no excuse for one single bedsore. Also, if any doctors falsifies or “corrects” the records, they should be indicted. In NJ it is a crime.

  2. up arrow

    It’s a felony anywhere to falsify medical records.

    Sun Healthcare Group Inc’s CEO Rick Matros should be indicted for obstruction of justice, gross negligence, perjury, manslaughter, et al in my mother’s death and four others I witnessed in 2003-2004. The evidence and their Medical Director’s testimony is posted on my blogsite at sunhealthcaregrouping.blogspot.com

    I’ve asked the Orange County District Attorney and Grand Jury to indict him for these crimes.

    He passed on threats to me in mediation thru my former attorney Daniel Leipold, whom I later sued for this malpractice, and he died 2 weeks after learning I’d retained malpractice attorneys. I won that lawsuit in 2008.

    Sun (SUNH on the stock exchange) practiced elder abuse and murder for profit. I can testify to it.

    Deborah Calvert
    daughter of Evelyn Calvert 1928-2004
    Newport Beach, California