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Abuse of Alzheimers Patient in Allegheny County Nursing Home – Should Abusers Lose their Pensions?

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In Allegheny County, a nursing home supervisor and four nursing assistants have been charged with abusing a 94-year-old Alzheimer’s patient. For a period of months, these individuals were allegedly punching the woman in the face, pouring water over her head, and/or throwing objects at her.

The employees worked together on overnight shifts at Kane Regional Center’s Glen Hazel facility. Because the abuse involved the shift supervisor, it took a full six months for someone to discover it. Ultimately, another employee reported it in October.

Mary Ann Bower, 57, who has been working at the facility as a practical nurse since 1987, was in charge of nursing assistants Danielle Taylor, 46; Shelly Keene, 35; Karen Perry, 46; and Shalaya Hatten, 30. All are now facing assault, neglect, and harassment charges, and all have been fired.

Authorities are saying that the five employees seem to have singled out 94-year-old Thelma Bryant, who is in a wheelchair and cannot care for herself, since no other patients or staff at the 210-bed facility have reported abuse. It is not yet clear, however, why they did so.

In the meantime, the county is expected to try to prevent the abusers from receiving pensions and other benefits.

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