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Wii Care a Lot! Trial Lawyers Donate to Help out Hospitals

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This month, InjuryBoard member firms will witness the healing powers of charity and volunteering first-hand, as they donate more than 60 Nintendo Wii gaming systems to hospitals, nursing homes, and rehab centers all over the country.

Why Wiis? As many may not yet know, physical therapy and rehab programs have started incorporating a promising new technique known as “Wiihab.” Named after the gaming system, Wiihab allows patients to take advantage of the Wii’s full-body, live motion games and exercise their way towards recovery with more fun and less pain.

InjuryBoard firms, who advocate for victims of serious accidents, know how difficult the rehabilitation process can be, and hope that their donations will be helpful to injured patients.

Earlier this week, the Ferrara Law Firm donated two Wii systems to the Children’s Regional Hospital of Cooper University. One of the Wiis will be used in the hospital’s physical therapy room, and the other will become part of the children’s playroom. The Ferrara Law Firm staff, thrilled to be able to deliver the gifts in person, was warmly welcomed by everyone at the hospital.

Managing partner Mike Ferrara was especially pleased to be part of the initiative. “Every day, children in our area rely on Cooper Hospital and all of its affiliates to help make them whole after sustaining life changing injuries. If we can help ease their recovery even slightly by making physical rehabilitation fun, we know we’re making a difference,” he said. “We know that times are tough even for large organizations such as Cooper. People aren’t able to donate in the ways they did before and new initiatives may otherwise go by the wayside. With any luck, our donation will inspire others in our community to continue to give what they can, and show that even a small donation can change the lives of many.”

1 Comment

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  1. Penny Lane says:
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    This is nice that the trial lawyers do things like this.