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The Chamber of Commerce Wants to Destroy The Civil Justice System in America

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Have you seen the full page ads sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce? They spend $50,000,000 a year attacking our Civil Justice System. The media needs to ask them to prove their baseless claims. One ad depicted a lawyer with dollar bills stuffed in his mouth with the caption: “Don’t Feed the Trial Lawyers”. While you may initially smile, this is no different than Soviet-Era propagada. The Chamber knows full well that those who are injured or killed as the result of the negligence of a doctor, a drunk driver, or a careless construction site mananger can’t effectively counter the propaganda. When you understand that the Chamber does the bidding for Corporate America, you can, hopefully, understand where they come from.

The American Association for Justice (AAJ) is trying it’s best to rebut the Chamber’s lies. They have released a report on the Chamber’s recent baseless study. You can read the AAJ release here. The bottom line is the Chamber will stop at nothing to destroy the Civil Justice System in America which protects the rights of consumers and employees against corporate wrongdoing and negligence. AAJ found that the following are the ten worst states to be injured because their legislators have bought into the need for tort reform and enacted laws that hurt their citizens. They are: AL, AK, VA, CO, FL, IL, IN, OK, TX and WV. Citizens of those states should demand that those who cause injury be held personally responsible for their actions. They need to ask their legislators to revisit laws that take away rights of those injured or kllled as a result of corporate wrongdoing, doctor’s mistakes, or nursing home abuse.