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Six Safety Tips For This Halloween – Please Be Safe

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Every Halloween results in tragedy for some. Here are the six common sense ideas I have come up with to help make this a safe day for everyone:
1. Since the Consumer Products Safety Commission reports that burns are the most common injury, please make absoultely certain any candles you have in jack o laterns are safe and kept far away from flammable costumes
2. Make sure costumes have reflective tape so the chance of getting hit by a car can be lessened
3. Make sure the costumes and accessories are not tripping hazards. Remind your children to be careful.
4. Make certain everyone is reminded not to get into any stranger’s car under any circumstance
5. Double check all candy to make sure it is properly wrapped. Throw out anything that is loose, torn or opened
6. Use the buddy system. Make sure everyone is accounted for. Older children should be protective of younger children. Parents must walk with younger children. Never let them go alone or you are inviting a problem.
Finally, if you have an extra Mounds bar, please send it to me. Thanks and have fun. Happy Halloween. Mike Ferara