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Christmas: Enjoy Your Family and Protect the Children

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This Christmas, like those before it, will be a time for joy and a time for tears. Please do what you can to try to avoid those things that can cause harm. Many will be killed and seriously injured in car crashes after having too much “holiday spirit”. In parts of the country where the roads are bad, folks will still speed and will get hurt. Christmas trees will not be properly watered and will catch fire. Candles will be left unattended and will burn homes and apartments. Frayed Christmas lights also can cause fires and electrocutions. Finally, be careful with young children, caught up with the excitement, who may put sharp objects into electrical sockets, swallow small toy parts and play with toys that are dangerous. So with all of that said, eat, drink and be merry but please do what you can to be safe. And to my Christian friends: my wish to you is for a blessed and merry Christmas and a safe, happy, and healthy 2008.