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Bush's Pardon of Libby Is a Sad Day For Justice in America

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As lawyers, we are taught that this is a nation of laws. When they are broken, and folks are convicted by a jury and sentenced by a judge, the system has done it’s job. However, someone felt they were above the law and let his friend go free. How do we explain our legal system to our children? Paris Hilton serves time, but Scooter Libby doesn’t. By the way, the same conservatives who support this President, are quick to use the phrase “personal responsibility” when it best suits their needs. However, why aren’t they now saying that Libby should accept personal responsibility and the serve the sentence of the jury and the United States District Court judge. This Fourth of July will be a good time to reflect upon how corrupt and absolutely incompetent this President and his Administration has been. This week’s Newsweek reports 40% of us still believe that Sadam Hussein was involved in the 911 attacks. That’s one thing the Bush White House can take credit for: Spreading lies to suit their needs. Of course, everyone forgets that 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Bush’s favorite place: Saudia Arabia. Go figure. Dick Gephardt once told how afraid he was at Bush’s total lack of “curiosity”. I’m afraid about his total lack of understanding our justice system, his inability to be an effective domestic and world leader, and his arrogance and stubborness. He will win something, however, and that is the distinction of being the worst president this country has ever had.