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$65,000,000 Pants Case Is Frivolous Lawsuit – Judge Who Brought It Should Be Fired

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The Honorable Roy L. Pearson is a disgrace to the judiciary, the legal profession and himself. His superiors must fire him for he has shown he cannot be trusted to sit in judgment of others. This real live sitting judge in the District of Columbia Office of Administrative Hearing has filed a $65 Million Dollar lawsuit against his dry cleaner over a problem with his pants. The case would be laughable, were it not for the anguish it has brought to the hard-working owners of the cleaners. The owners have offered the judge $12,000 to settle his claim, but he has refused and the trial is set for June 11, 2007. Both the American Association for Justice and the American Tort Reform Association, in a rare show of unity, have both condemned this friviolous lawsuit. Whatever this judge’s motive in bringing this case remains to be seen, but it is clear he has demonstrated that he has violated his oath as a judge. For the serious harm and discredit he has brought upon the judiciary, the legal community and the civil justice system, Judge Pearson must resign or be promptly fired.