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To Cut Down On Medical Malpractice Discipline Bad Doctors – New Jersey Far Too Lenient

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Public Citizen has has ranked the serious disciplinary actions taken by State Medical Boards. New Jersey has 32,662 physicians. In 2006, there were 84 serious actions taken by the New Jersey Board. The action rate per 1000 physicians in NJ is 2.50–which ranks #40 of the 51 boards. The report concludes that “there is considerable evidence that most boards are under-disciplining physicians.” The national average is 3.18 actions per 1000. “Absent any evidence that the prevalence of physicians deserving of discipline varies substantially from state to state,” it appears clear that the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners is “under-disciplining physicians.”

Attorney Michael A. Ferrara, said: “The way to cut back on medical malpractice is to discipline more doctors” This study proves the problem is not due to too many frivolous lawsuits, but rather too many doctors getting breaks from their licensing agency. This New Jersey data proves that the New Jersey Medical Board is far too lenient. The time has come to weed out the medical profession’s bad actors. Most of the malpractice claims come from a handful of doctors. Get rid of them and help eliminate the medical malpractice problem.

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