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President Bush's Department of Justice Confirms No Medical Malpractice Crisis

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A study done by the United States Department of Justice confirms that the much-hyped “medical malpractice crisis” simply doesn’t exist. Most cases brought against doctors are dismissed and the ones that go to trial are generally won by the doctors. This study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics of the Justice Department needs to be widely disseminated by the media to debunk the Chamber of Commerce propaganda that tries to convince people of the need for medical malpractice reform. The bottom line is the only persons who benefit by medical malpractice reform are the doctors and hospitals who commit the malpractice in the first place.

Why should an innocent victim’s rights to seek compensation be limited? That only rewards the wrongdoers and is contrary to the principle of folks accepting personal responsibility for the harm they cause. The American Association for Justice has additional data to support these Justice Department findings. To help eliminate medical malpractice, the state Medical Societies have to do a better job of weeding out the bad doctors who cause most of the harm.