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New Jersey Hospital Cited by State for Dumping Patient

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In a clear case of profits over people, The Hackensack Medical Center in New Jersey has been cited by State officials for giving a blind, paraplegic 58 year old man insufficient care upon his release. Within hours of his release he had to be taken by ambulance to Holy Name Hospital, where he was promptly admitted. He remained in the ICU unit for 4 days and then remained at Holy Name for more than three months. Of course, the key to this outrage was the fact that the man was uninsured and their was a lack of concern for patient safety.

The cold and calleous way our poor are treated by some elements of the health care community is a serious national problem. Medical Malpractice lawsuits against hospitals that do these sort of unconscionable things will help, but much stricter regulatory action by the states is necessary. Call your legislators and demand these medical abuses be investigated and those responsible be held personally responsible.