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Medical Malpractice Insurance "Crisis" Is Over In Pennsylvania – Rates Dropping and Doctors Not Leaving

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In a stunning reversal, Governor Edward Rendell of Pennsylvania released data showing the so-called medical malpractice crisis in Pennsylvania is over. The state’s two largest private medical-malpractice insurers, PMSLIC and MedPro, have kept their premiums steady the last two years, and recently filed for rate decreases. PMSLIC’s average rates would fall 11 percent; and MedPro’s, 6 percent. The number of Mcare claims have dropped 50 percent in the last several years. The Governor also confirmed that the number of doctors in Pennsylvania has remained steady at about 35,000 in recent years, debunking the common myth of doctors fleeing the state. The Governor said “There’s been no mass exodus, that was all perperated by people for political purposes”. It is important for media outlets never to accept facts from either side in this debate. If someone reports doctors leaving the state, get the facts to prove or disprove that fact. If someone says there are too many frivolous lawsuits, ask whoever is making that claim to bring them to your attention. In my opinion, the media has been very sloppy in its coverage of this important issue.

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