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Insurance Companies Pay Doctors Half-Billion to Settle Class Action Lawsuits

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Doctors make me chuckle. They hate lawyers, they hate lawsuits, and they especially hate class action lawsuits. Unless it’s their own. A group of 900,000 doctors just settled a class action lawsuit against Blue Cross and Blue Shield for $128 Million. That after they received $405 Million from other insurers, including Aetna, Wellpoint, HeathNet, CIGNA, and Humana.

The claims were based on the fact that the doctors didn’t care for the length of time it took these insurance companies to reimburse them for their bills. I think the doctors were correct in bringing these class actions and getting the justice they felt they deserved. I just don’t want to see a double standard when it comes to ordinary citizens using class actions and lawsuits to get the justice they feel they are entitled to.