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Doctors: When You See Mistakes – Tell Someone

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According to a recent Harvard Medical School study, a staggering 46% of doctors will not report a serious medical error when they know that one has happened. What does this say about the “cover-up” mentality of certain members of the medical profession? There is a measurable disconnect between what physicians say they think is the right thing to do and what they actually do,” said Eric Campbell of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, who led the survey. Studies have shown that up to 90,000 persons a year die as the result of medical malpractice. It is time the doctors took drastic steps to clean up the mess they have created. Blamiing victims, legislators, and trial lawyers is not the answer. Get rid of the bad doctors and get rid of the malpractice. It’s that simple.

For more information on this subject, please refer to the section on Medical Malpractice and Negligent Care.