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Doctor's Insurance Company Settles A Medical Malpractice Case Where Kidney was Removed by Mistake

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Our firm represented a 59 year old woman in a medical malpractice claim. She was admitted to the hospital to have a routine colostomy reversal. While performing this routine surgery, the surgeon made a medical mistake and removed her kidney. He didn’t know it was a kidney. Fortunately for New Jersey residents, the hospital fired this doctor the following day.

Despite the cries of tort reform advocates, there are clearly medical malpractice lawsuits that are meritorious. For those who favor placing a monetary cap on pain and suffering lawsuits, I would ask them why this negligent doctor should be rewarded by such a cap. It doesn’t make any sense. The only groups that will benefits from caps on lawsuits are the insurance companies and corporate America. The work done by groups like the American Associate for Justice (AAJ) and ATLA-NJ is vital to make sure consumers rights to justice are not denied by the State Farms and Enrons of the world.

If doctors make mistakes, they must acccept personal responsibility for their medical mistakes.