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Congress Ignores President On His Effort To Cut Veteran's Benefits

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When President Bush defeated Senator Kerry in 2004, he had the support of the vast majority of our 25 million veterans. This, despite the fact that Kerry volunteered for duty in Vietnam and won medals that were approved by senior Admirals and the Secretary of the Navy. Now, three years later, the Bush Administration threatened to veto a bill to increase veteran’s health care. A bipartisan Congress did not listen to the President and the final vote was 409 to 2. The new bill will provide funding for additonal doctors and nurses to help our Iraq vets. It also will fund the hiring of additional personnel to process claims. If the 25 million vets knew what President Bush’s position would be on issues important to them would their 2004 vote have been any different? Whether we support the war or not, we must provide the necessary funding for the men and women who have served us.