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$5.7M Jury Award In Failure To Diagnose Skin Cancer Medical Malpractice Case — Reduced to $1.9M Because of Cap Law

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A San Diego jury awarded $5.7 million to Regis Reilly, now 53. They found that Reilly’s doctor failed to diagnose his skin cancer. The verdict will be reduced to $1.9 million because of the medical malpractice caps that exist in California. In most other states, the entire verdict would be paid. There have been numerous valid studies that have shown that medical malpractice caps do not lower doctor’s insurance premiums. The cap laws only serve to reward the insurance companies and the doctors who committed the malpractice.

These caps, pushed by Republlicans in the name of “tort reform” are just an unfair benefit to doctors who juries have found have committed medical malpractice. Why can’t the doctors accept personal responsibility for their wrongs and the victims be compensated fully and fairly for the harm they suffer as a result of doctor errors. The various legislatures and the public at large is beginning to see that they have been sold a false bill of goods by the doctors and their insurance companies regarding the need to place a cap on malpractice verdicts.