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Prosecutors and United States Attorneys – Any Interest In Looking at Merck's Conduct?

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The lastest revelation that Merck had scientific articles ghost-written that were published in the  Journal of the American Medical Association raises serious questions.   This fraud, coupled with earlier fraud on the more prestigious New England Journal of Medicine by Merck,  needs to be investigated by someone.    Merck is also accused of lying to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), lying to doctors who prescribed Vioxx, and lying to the general public about the risks of the now disgraced and withdrawn pain killer Vioxx.      True, Merck has agreed to pay victims and their attorneys $4.85 billion to settle these claims,  while “not admitting to any wrongdoing”.     But Merck did a lot of wrongdoing and some state or federal prosecutor should look into it.   It’s not right that folks should avoid being held accountable for such reprehensible conduct.