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FDA Found Tylenol Factory to be Filthy and Contaminated

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The FDA performed a two-week inspection of the factory outside of Philadelphia that manufactures 40 different products for Johnson & Johnson, including children’s medicines like Motrin and Tylenol. The results are very upsetting.

According to the FDA’s report, a “thick dust” covered drug-making equipment inside the plant. Pipes were held together with duct tape. The ceiling had a hole in it. Undocumented bacteria was living in the vats of drug ingredients. Workers demonstrated careless health and safety habits.

J&J’s McNeil unit, maker and marketer of the products, also failed to investigate 46 complaints from customers about "black or dark specks" in the medicines. –NPR

These conditions are what led Johnson & Johnson to recall all lots of many of its liquid medications, including children’s Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec and Benadryl.

In light of its findings, the FDA is recommending that parents reject Johnson & Johnson products in favor of generic or other national brands.

In the meantime, Johnson & Johnson has agreed to suspend drug-making operations at the plant under investigation.

The filth and contamination allowed to exist at this plant for who knows how long until the recent FDA inspection suggest that the FDA needs to inspect these types of facilities a lot more often. Letting it get to this point is unconscionable, particularly when it puts our children’s health directly at risk.