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Urgent Message To All 235,000 Medtronic Defibrillator Users – Company Recalls All Of Them After 5 Deaths

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In a stunning announcement, the nation’s largest manufacturer of defibrillators, Medtronic, has recalled all 235,000 of them presently inplanted in the United States. All of these patients should immediately contact their doctors. A faulty part has been detected in the Sprint Fidelis model. This is urgent and please spread this news to all of your family and friends who may be affected. Products manufacturers do their best to insure the safety of their products, however defects do happen. Medtronic is to be commended for their prompt recall. Hopefully, they will adequately accept corporate responsibilty and fairly compensate those who they have harmed. If you know of anyone harmed by this defibrillator consult an attorney promptly after you see you doctor. Imagine the very thing you thought would save you, winds up killing you. Manufacturers must make sure their products have zero defects, especially those that can cause harm.

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