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Chinese Made Car Fails German Crash Test – Bad Pet Food, Bad Food, Bad Toys, Bad Tires, and Now Bad Cars: Chinese Made Products Not Ready For Prime TIme

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China is proving that they are not yet up to the tesk of making safe products. People quickly forget that this is still a Communist country trying to deal with growing pains, an exploding populaton, and a drift to Capitalism. Our Commerce Department must do more to insure that products coming into the USA from China are safe. Fortunately, the Chinese Brilliance BS6 sedan is not sold in the USA. The German Motorists Association (ADAC) recently conducted crash tests on the Chinese-made Brilliance BS6 sedan and gave it a thumbs down: the equivalent of a one-star Euro NCAP rating. The car is still sold at a couple of German retailers. China has now been implicated in selling unsafe tires, unsafe pet food, unsafe food, and unsafe toys.