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As Defective Products Pour In From China – Who Is Protecting Americans?

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With each passing day, more and more stories unfold about how dangerous and defective products continue to come in from China. With cheap labor, lax safety standards, and no accountability, is it any wonder? This Communist country, that has successfully taken millions of American manufacturing jobs, is a rogue nation that is not being held personally responsible for what it does. Why? Because they own billions of our Treasury Bonds and we fear they will sell them and buy Euro or other country’s bonds. The balance of trade deficit with China is at an all time high. Who is looking out for us? Hopefully, whoever wins the Presidential Election in 2008 will make it a priority to solve this problem. In the meantime, lawsuits against companies who make and sell defective products is one way to hold wrongdoers personally responsible for the harms they create.

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