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Are Any Drugs Safe? – FDA Issues Warning on Avandia

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After the Vioxx fiasco that has caused countless heart attacks and strokes, the FDA to their credit, is stepping up their oversight role. In the past, drug companies got whatever they wanted at the FDA. But no more. The latest FDA salvo against Glaxo Smith Kline came in the form a warning about possible heart attacks from their diabetes drug Avandia. The FDA issued a press release that provides guidance to doctors

on what they should do. Bextra, Baycol, Vioxx, Rezulin and other drugs have been withdrawn, and some drugs, such as Celebrex now contain the strongest possible warning of hazards, known as black box warnings. The FDA is to be commended for their new found vigilance. Now if only the drug manufacturers would really put patient’s safety first, we’d all be better off.