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Michelle Zeigler
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AOL has a feature on "Crazy Lawsuits"

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It is really unfortunate that AOL posts articles like this one about “Crazy Lawsuits“. If anything is frivolous, it is the allegation that lawsuits engage in “frivolity”. No systems are perfect but putting down the civil justice system is simply wrong.

All of the personal injury cases that our firm takes are carefully screened. We make certain that only meritorious medical malpractice cases are taken. We have a doctor review them to make sure they have merit.

When you think about it, our lawyers take personal injury cases on a contingent fee. Why in the world would they take any frivolous lawsuits? They only get a fee if the client gets a fee. Our present civil justice system is the envy of the World. Only die-hard pro-insurance company and big business types find fault with it. I believe AOL is misinforming the public about these matters and this article should be removed.