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16 Year Old Girl's Feet Amputed in Six Flags Accident – Anyone Think Her Case Is Frivolous or Requires Monetary Caps?

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The extremely tragic accident today at Six Flags in Kentucky amputed both feet of a 16 year old girl. Cases llke this cry out for compensation and corrective action to make sure this type of accident never happens again. When amusement park owners undertake to provide rides to the general public, they must insure that their equipment is 100% safe. There is no margin for error. Shortcuts in safety in the name of profits are what contribute to accidents such as this one. For all of those who believe that there are too many frivolous lawsuits or that the amount of money that can be awarded in personal injury litigation should be subject to arbitrary monetary caps, I challenge them to let us all know if this case is an exception to the restrictions they seek. Groups like the American Tort Reform Association and the National Association of Manufacturers, are invited to let us all know how this tragedy fits into their agenda to take away the rights of innocent victims in the name of corporate profits.

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