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Camryn Hansen

Wrongful Death Lawsuit after Fatal DC Metro Crash

The family of 29-year-old Veronica DuBose, who died in the horrific DC Metro crash on June 22 that killed 9 and injured 80 others, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit seeking $25 million in…

Camryn Hansen

Husband of Swine Flu Victim Sues US Pig Farmer Smithfield Foods for Wrongful Death

The husband of 33 year-old Judy Trunnell, the first US resident to die from the swine flu, or H1N1 virus, has filed a lawsuit against the Smithfield Foods, the American owner of the Mexican pig…

Camryn Hansen

Man Died After Having Wisdom Teeth Pulled; New Jersey Jury Awards $11 Million for Dental Malpractice

In the largest oral surgery malpractice verdict in New Jersey history so far, a jury awarded $10.2 million this week to the family of 21-year-old Francis Keller of Woodbridge, who died from…

Mike Ferrara

Chrysler Crashes Funeral Demanding Body; Prevents Burial to Fight Lawsuit

The funeral of Harold St. John, a retired airline employee and former auto mechanic who died from mesothelioma caused by asbestos exposure, was interrupted at a New Jersey cemetery last week when,…

Mike Ferrara

Being Overweight in America Brings New Threats: Obese Children and Teens Developing Serious Liver Problems

It’s been big news for years now: Americans by the droves
are threatening their health by living with too much body fat. Currently, over two thirds of Americans are
overweight (BMI>25) and a…