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Mike Ferrara

The Lowdown on “C. Diff” Hospital Infections

If you don’t work in a hospital, chances are you’re not familiar with the term “C. diff.” It stands for Clostridium difficile, a bacterium that causes an intestinal…

Mike Ferrara

Woman Says New Jersey Developmental Facility Allowed her Brother to Freeze to Death

The sister of a resident at New Lisbon Development Center in Burlington County, New Jersey has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the center, claiming that her brother was abused and neglected…

Mike Ferrara

Don’t Let a Long ER Wait Be Your Last

By now, many of you have heard the tragic story of 2-year-old Malyia Jeffers, whose parents took her to the ER one day with a high fever and mysterious bruising only to wait more than five hours to…

Mike Ferrara

9/11 Heroes Aren’t Worth It, Say Republicans

In a highly dismaying turn of events, Senate Republicans have voted to prevent open debate on a bill that would give medical benefits and compensation to our nation’s first responders on…

Mike Ferrara

PA Superior Court Denies Plastic Surgeon’s Appeal Over Liposuction Death

A panel of three PA Superior Court judges has denied the appeal of a plastic surgeon who was found liable by a jury for more than $20 million after botching the liposuction operation of…

Camryn Hansen

2010 is Worst Year in History for Child and Infant Heat Deaths in Cars

Tragically, KidsAndCars.org has reported that 2010 has already been the worst year in history for children and infants dying after being left in hot vehicles. Only three quarters through…

Mike Ferrara

Coal Mine Operator Has Terrible Safety Record; Little Regulation

After the tragic deaths of at least 25 coal mine workers in West Virginia, the safety record of the mine’s owner, Virginia-based Massey Energy Co., has started to make headlines.

Mike Ferrara

A Million Baby Slings to be Taken off the Market after Infant Deaths

Almost two weeks ago, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a warning that over-the-shoulder baby slings can be dangerous and even deadly for babies under four months.


Mike Ferrara

NYC Helicopter Accident Yields Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A wrongful death suit has been filed on behalf of the Italian tourists who were killed over the Hudson River last August, when their helicopter experienced a mid-air collision with an…

Camryn Hansen

Uninsured Trauma Patients Almost Twice as Likely to Die – We Need a System that Works

Legally, it’s not supposed to matter whether emergency room patients have insurance or not. The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, passed by Congress in 1986,…