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Mike Ferrara

Maryland Tractor Trailer Crash Results in $1.2M Jury Verdict

A Baltimore jury returned a verdict in favor of a man who was injured in a tractor trailer accident. The injuries consisted of a fractured vertebra, a fractured elbow and an ankle injury. The vertebra had to be surgically removed. The injured man was a forman at a cable company and now only can return to work in a light duty capacity. What makes this verdict fascinating is that the…

Mike Ferrara

Tractor Trailer Seriously Injuries Motorcyclist – Federal Jury Awards 6M in Texas

A federal court jury in Waco, TX awarded $6 million dollars to Walter Browning for injuries he sustained when his motorcycle was struck by a tractor trailer. Both sides disagreed over how the collision happened, but the jury disregarded the statement of the truck driver who contended Browning drove directly into her truck. Browning, a 13-year Army veteran and former security guard, lost…