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Mike Ferrara

Should Smoking Be Banned in Public Housing?

In the state of Maine, it has been illegal since 2008 to smoke in a car carrying passengers less than 16 years of age. The rationale is that children strapped into a smoke-filled car are…

Camryn Hansen

Which Fruits & Veggies Are Worst for Pesticides? (Washing Doesn’t Help.)

The Environmental Working Group, a public health nonprofit that also did a great study of the best and worst sunscreens, has published a new study looking at which fruits and vegetables…

Camryn Hansen

Most Canned Foods Contain Harmful BPAs – Protect Your Family

Earlier this week, environmental groups announced that the chemical bisphenol-A, or BPA, can be found in almost all cans of food in the US food supply.

BPA, a known endocrine…

Mike Ferrara

VA Finally Gives Benefits to Marine Sickened by Toxic Contamination at Marine Base

Former Marine Paul Buckley is suffering from multiple myeloma, an incurable bone cancer. For several years, his doctors have been telling him that it was almost certainly caused by toxin…

Mike Ferrara

Beware AminoSweet, Toxic Aspartame’s New Name

Ajinomoto, “maker of food seasonings, cooking oils and foods, drinks, and pharmaceuticals” (including MSG), has decided to re-brand its controversial artificial sweetener,…

Mike Ferrara

DuPont Chemicals Raising Cancer Rates in NJ Neighborhood

A former munitions factory owned by chemical giant DuPont has contaminated the groundwater under a neighborhood in Pompton Lakes, NJ, and a disproportionately high number of people in the…

Mike Ferrara

E. Coli Ground Beef Death Toll Reaches 2

An outbreak of E. coli in ground beef products has sickened more than two dozen people and killed at least two—one in New Hampshire and another in upstate New York.


Camryn Hansen

Chinese Drywall – Senate Looks to Regulate for Formaldehyde

The Senate is currently considering a bill that would establish federal standards for the levels of formaldehyde allowed in Chinese composite wood products, like drywall and fiberboard,…

Mike Ferrara

MRSA Found at West Coast Public Beaches Resembles Hospital Strain

Researchers have found the antibiotic-resistant staph bacteria MRSA on public beaches along the Puget Sound in Washington State, and believe that sand and water at other public beaches…

Mike Ferrara

Altria Group to Pay $13.8 Million to Family of Smoker, Lung Cancer Victim

A California jury has ordered Altria Group, the parent company of Marlboro cigarette maker Philip Morris USA, to pay $13.8 million in punitive damages to the daughter of woman who died in 2003 of…