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Mike Ferrara

Family Gets $42.75 Million for Nursing Home Death

A Kentucky family will be awarded $42.75 million after the death of 92-year-old Joseph Clint, a man who died in the Harborside of Madisonville nursing home after having suffered severe…

Mike Ferrara

Brooklyn Nursing Home to Pay $19 Million in Damages for Severe Patient Neglect

In the first New York State award against a nursing home to ever include punitive damages, a Brooklyn jury has ruled that the Brooklyn Queens Nursing Home must pay $19 million in…

Camryn Hansen

Bush Midnight Regulation Hinders Nursing Home Abuse Litigation

Among the midnight regulations the Bush administration enacted swiftly and secretively last fall before its power ran out was a rule which is now greatly impeding the flow of information in cases…

Mike Ferrara

Abuse of Alzheimers Patient in Allegheny County Nursing Home – Should Abusers Lose their Pensions?

In Allegheny County, a nursing home supervisor and four nursing assistants have been charged with abusing a 94-year-old Alzheimer’s patient in a wheelchair. For a period of months, these…

Mike Ferrara

Federal Government Rates Nursing Homes around the Country – Learn the Truth

At medicare.gov, you can now read US government reports of nursing home inspections all across the country.
On the Medicare website, you can type in the name of a specific nursing home, find all…

Mike Ferrara

PA Assisted Living Facility Shut Down after Owner Chokes Patient, 2 Suspicious Deaths

Willow Crest Manor, a private assisted living facility in Pennsylvania’s Upper Moreland Township, has been closed down by the Department of Public Works after investigations into the…

Mike Ferrara

Minnesota Teens Charged with Nursing Home Abuse While Friends Looked On

According to a criminal complaint filed Monday, several female high school students who worked together as part-time aides at Albert Lea, Minnesota’s Good Samaritan nursing home have been…

Mike Ferrara

Nearly 2 Million Americans Get Bedsores – Proper Nursing Home Care Would Eliminate Them All

Bed sores (also known as pressure sores or decubitus ulcers) are a serious condition that can lead to infection, septicemia, gangrene and even death. Bed sores are entirely preventable.

Mike Ferrara

Nurses Exposed To Serious Dangers in Hospitals

A recent survey of 1000 New Jersey nurses found that more than 25% had a work-related injury within the last five years. 62% were exposed to hard to kill “bugs” like MRSA, 52% had back and other injuries from lifting patients, 33% experienced violence in their hospital or nursing home, 32% suffered needlestick or other exposure to blood-borne pathogens and finally, 15% were exposed to toxic…

Mike Ferrara

Nursing Home Malpractice Causes Patient to Die – State Fines Home Maximum Allowable

As more and more baby-boomers begin to retire, finding decent nursing homes is a major concern. The quality of nursing homes varies from state to state, but one place you never want to send your loved ones is the Lagunda Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center in California. They were hit with California’s most severe fine after an investigating a resident’s death. The state found that…