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Mike Ferrara

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Says Yes to Limiting Consumer Rights

As of now, there are more than 20 bills in Congress that contain some sort of provision that would limit consumer rights. The right to take a company to court if it cheats or harms you is…

Mike Ferrara

Say NO to Forced Arbitration

Every day, Americans are forced to sign contracts that rob them of their Constitutional rights—without even realizing it. If you think you’ve never signed such a contract, you…

Camryn Hansen

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is Bad for Small Businesses

Like Mitt Romney, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce claims to represent small business interests, and makes a big fuss about how dedicated it is to the plight of the small business owner. And…

Camryn Hansen

83 Percent of Doctors Have Considered Quitting Over Obamacare?

Were you aware that American doctors are so upset over Obamacare’s changes to the health care system that a full 83 percent have actually considered quitting the practice of medicine?…

Mike Ferrara

Confirmed (Again!): Tort Reform Isn’t Lowering Health Care Costs

In 2003, a Texas constitutional amendment severely capped the damages plaintiffs could receive from medical malpractice lawsuits. Supporters of the amendment and of tort reform argued at…

Mike Ferrara

In Health Care, is it Wiser to be a Miser?

The American College of Physicians has issued a new ethics manual recommending that physicians use resources responsibly by practicing “parsimonious” care.

The manual,…

Mike Ferrara

State of New Jersey Settles Youth & Family Services Abuse Case for $5 Million

The State of New Jersey has settled a heartbreaking case with a Pennsylvania family whose adopted daughter suffered physical and sexual abuse while under the care of New Jersey’s Division…

Camryn Hansen

US Chamber of Commerce: “A Revolt of the Rich”

Journalist Bill Moyers recently gave a speech in honor of Public Citizen’s 40th anniversary that put the recent Wall Street protests into a great historical perspective.

During the…

Camryn Hansen

US Chamber of Commerce Voted Most Damaging to Endangered Species

The Center for Biological Diversity recently gave its 2011 Rubber Dodo award to the US Chamber of Commerce. Each year, the Rubber Dodo is bestowed upon the individual, corporation or other entity…

Mike Ferrara

Representatives Ask Dept of Justice to Investigate Clarence Thomas

Twenty House Democrats have requested that a federal investigation be opened into Justice Clarence Thomas’s failure to comply with the Ethics in Government Act of 1978. Last week the Democrats…