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Mike Ferrara

HCA Cardiac Treatments: Unnecessary and Expensive

HCA, Hospital Corporation of America, is the country’s largest for-profit hospital chain, with 163 facilities nationwide. Earlier this week, we learned that the chain is confronting…

Mike Ferrara

The Third Leading Cause of Death is…Doctors?

That’s right…research is showing that doctors in America kill roughly 225,000 people every year. This makes doctors the third leading cause of death after heart disease and…

Mike Ferrara

Dialysis Dangers – A Dislodged Needle Can Quickly Turn Fatal

For patients on dialysis in the United States, the numbers are not reassuring. About 1 in 5 dialysis patients die every year in this country, and many of these deaths are preventable….

Mike Ferrara

Constitutionality of Damage Caps Comes Under Scrutiny in Florida

In 2003, faced with what the American Medical Association was calling a “crisis” of doctors fleeing the state due to an overabundance of “frivolous” malpractice suits, the…

Mike Ferrara

FALSE: Texas Gained 21,000 Doctors Because of Tort Reform

Republicans everywhere, including presidential hopeful/George W. Bush doppelganger Rick Perry, like to claim that tort reform, and malpractice reform in particular, is a great way to reduce health…

Camryn Hansen

Medical Malpractice Caps Only Protect Bad Doctors and Rich Insurance Companies

In his recent op-ed discussing the malpractice caps in his state of West Virginia, trial attorney Paul Farrell Jr. likens the caps to protections for drunk drivers.

“Protecting bad doctors…

Mike Ferrara

House HEALTH Act Will Kill Patients’ Rights

The House of Representatives is currently considering a bill called H.R.5, otherwise known as the “Help Efficient, Accessible, Low-cost, Timely Healthcare (HEALTH) Act.” Though the House…

Mike Ferrara

Surgery on the Wrong Side or Body Part is All Too Common

The latest story in the news is of a three-year-old boy who was supposed to have surgery to correct a lazy eye, but whose surgeon accidentally operated on his other, good eye. Now he has to have…

Mike Ferrara

Medical Errors Are Ten Times More Common Than We Thought – 1 in 3 are Injured!

To my dismay, I’ve just read the findings of a new report released by the journal Health Affairs, which found that medical errors and adverse events in hospitals may be 10 times higher than…

Mike Ferrara

Crisis in the Health Care System Won’t Be Resolved by Reforms in the Legal System

In 1999, a study by the Institute of Medicine found that as many as 98,000 Americans are killed by medical errors—most of them preventable—each year. In 2000, the Journal of the American…