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Tire Industry Rages Against Tire Age Disclosure Bill – What Are They Trying to Hide?

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It is an undisputed fact that older tires, regardless of whether they’ve been worn or not, are more likely than new tires to suffer stress and catastrophic failures. This is why the state of Maryland has been trying to pass a bill (HB 729) that would require tire dealers to disclose the age of all tires they are selling, and to provide consumers with information about how tire age affects performance.

You might imagine that the Tire Industry Association would take an interest in protecting its customers from life-threatening accidents caused by their products. But it’s actually quite the opposite: the Tire Industry Association is calling this bill “government intrusion” into their business, and rallying violently against it. They have lobbyists working around the clock trying to stop its passage.

What are the Tire Industry Association’s motives? This bill is simply asking that those who sell tires tell consumers how old the tires are, and inform people that older tires are more dangerous than newer tires. Clearly, they are opposing it because they want to continue selling old tires—sometimes several years old—at brand-new prices without having to tell anyone. This position is so self-interested and negligent that it’s not even worth entertaining. Let’s get the bill passed already.