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Michigan Drunk Driver, 24, Who Killed Mom and Her Four Kids Is Sentenced to 43 Years In Prison

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I hope this case reminds all of us who have one too many at a bar or at dinner, that there are serious consequences for the harm you cause. This 24 year old man was at a bar celebrating New Years. His blood alcohol was twice the permitted limit. He drove the wrong way on a freeway and killed a mom and her four young children who were coming home from Christmas shopping. The dad survived and must live and relieve this tragedy for the rest of his life. In some states, like New Jersey, the dad’s grief for the loss of his family, is not compensable. It is an antiquated law that needs to be changed. In the last legislative session, the New Jersey Assembly and Senate passed legislation to allow this cause of action, only to see it vetoed by Governor Corzine. Aslo, bars who serve those who are visibly intoxicated should be held responsible for the harms that they are partially at fault for. Let’s all work with groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving to do our best to curtail tragedies such as this one.