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Just Say No – It’s Time to Stop Dealing With Allstate – The Bad Hands Company

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When it comes time to renew your insurance policy, stop and think about what you are doing.    Are you renewing because you have always done business with a certain company?   The times are changing and there are many companies that offer affordable alternatives to the existing ones.   For example, if you are a present or former millitary officer, you certainly should look first to USAA.     For others,  GEICO, owned by Warren Bufett’s Bershire Hathaway (NYSE: BRKB), and its gecko, is a  place to start shopping.   Other reliable companies, depending on your state, are chipping away at the market share of old time stalwarts like Allstate and State Farm.    Do your homework.   Call several companies and get quotes.   Remember that Allstate is presently in a major battle with Florida insurance regulators who have threatened to suspend their right to do business.    It is been my personal experience, that Allstate does not treat it’s own insureds who are involved in an auto crash as fairly as most other companies.    So why bother.   Just say no and shop around for a company that will be there to help you, not to work against you in times of need.