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Greyhound Bus Flips on PA Turnpike – Too Many Bus Accidents!


Last Saturday around 6 a.m., a Greyhound bus headed to St. Louis via Pittsburgh flipped over onto its side on the Pennsylvania Turnpike near the Lebanon-Lancaster exit, after stopping in Philadelphia.

Fourteen of the 18 people on board were injured, including one woman who got trapped and had to be freed by rescue crews. All injured passengers were treated at local hospitals.

Trooper Glenn Fields said the bus was in the left lane and struck a concrete barrier then veered right and went up the embankment before tipping on its side.

State police had said Saturday the driver, identified as a 34-year-old Philadelphia man who had been on the job less than a year, lost control of the bus. –Philadelphia Inquirer

FAR too many bus crashes happen on our highways. We need to make certain that every single driver on the road is qualified, well-rested, and of course, drug and alcohol free. If you are considering a bus trip, you can research the safety record of any bus company here.


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  1. Penny Lane says:
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    This driver was 24 years old and fell asleep. We must demand safer bus drivers, and truck drivers for that matter. Far too many are needlessly hurt or killed. its scary to think you can be on a simple bus trip and die.

  2. anonymous says:
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    Why is everyone so concerned about buses and trucks having accidents? Yes, it is a tragedy for both and all involved however, you all make a big thing about it when buses or trucks have accidents yet nobody makes any noise about all the passenger cars that have accidents which is remarkably much more than buses or trucks! Because they are larger vehicles that get all the attention?? I find this absurd!! You are safer in a bus or a big rig than you are in a passenger vehicle. Drunk drivers, sleepy drivers, drivers that just want to speed up and down the road because they want to be first in everything, tail gaters etc……..ALL OF WHICH ARE PASSENGER VEHICLES! Why don’t you make a lot of noise about all of them??? Hmmmm! Makes you think!!