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Five More Teens Die – The Time Has Come To Make Getting Driver's Licenses More Difficult – Need To Do Something Drastic To Cut Down Teen Driving Deaths

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As two more teens died on their way to school in Ohio last Friday, the same day that three teens died in Harrisburg, PA, Michael A. Ferrara, Jr., a Past President of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America – New Jersey, has called on the legislators of all 50 states to make it harder for teens to get their licenses. These last tragedies in Loudonville, Ohio and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania were the last straw. How many more teens need to die before someone realizes that it is just too easy to get a license. Ferrara calls for a system like the one used in England.

There, as well as in Germany, teens need extensive driver’s education, including many hours actually driving real streets with professional instructors, before they can get their license. It is well known that teens do not possess the ability to judge the various driving situations they face. Couple that with alcohol, drugs, speed, cell phone use, and showing off with friends, compounds the situation. Something drastic needs to be done to stop the carnage. Each state needs to reexamine what is needed to get a license and then much tougher rules need to be implemented. The Harrisburg teens died about 8 PM and early reports are that all three had their seatbeats on. They were on a rural road when the driver lost control of his car.

Arizona is the latest state to try to do something about this problem.